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Cure for the Pain

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Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the will of God, in both the sense of God’s will of decree and God’s will of desire. It’s not easy trying to make sense of things that go on in this world in seemingly endless cycles—war, genocide, murder, rape, … . WHY do these happen? WHY do people do awful things to each other? WHY can’t we as humans collectively learn from the past and not repeat it? WHY WHY WHY? that’s the question. I know free will plays an important role in the universe, but that doesn’t change the fact that these things make life seem horribly flawed and senseless and beyond repair, but that’s when I catch myself. Though these things show the ugly darkness inside of us, they also show, if you look for it, the beautiful light of Love inside people who out of the same situations



care, and

offer hope to the hurting.

When I look at all the ugly parts of humanity, I can easily become paralyzed by the pain. A night without stars. But I think it is key that we recognize the darkness, in and around us, for what it is, and make a conscious choice opposing it. Life is not a lost cause, or a flawed system. It is perhaps the most beautiful of possibilities. A mass of people free to choose Love and lighten the darkness. Free to defy a violent history of pain with the help of Love who cared enough for us to become us. And maybe that, after all, is the cure for the pain.


Author: katelynholub

I'm a law school graduate, singer-songwriter, believer, blogger, and general adventurer.

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