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Song Recommendation 002—“Tomorrow is Christmas Day” by Mindy Smith

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Pour yourself a hot chocolate and press play.

Although I love listening to classic Christmas songs and carols sung by Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby, I thought I’d recommend some Christmas music you probably haven’t heard of.  Mindy Smith is one of my favorite folk artists because of her angelic, pure vocal tone and the rustic, homey atmosphere conjured by her music.  Her new song “Tomorrow is Christmas Day” features a unique combination of mandolin and sleigh bells, celebrating Christmas in a laidback, folksy way.  I especially love the melody of the refrain because Mindy’s voice glides around a wide range of pitches like a dancing fire ember or twirling, wind-tossed snowflake.

Visit Mindy Smith’s website here.

Do you have a favorite Christmas song or recommendation?


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