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Tuesday’s Rag–A New Original Song

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Tuesday’s Rag is a short piano song I wrote a while back while sitting at my piano by the window watching people walk past my apartment on the sidewalk.  It is the first in a series of short ragtime songs that I’ve composed to use as transitions in my upcoming album.

In planning the order of songs for my album, I’ve struggled with how to stitch some of the songs together into a cohesive themed album.  To some, making an album might involve slapping down songs in any old order, but I like it when albums tell a story or make the songs fit together well.

So for this upcoming album project, I’ve written some ragtimes that are musically related, but rhythmically and melodically distinctive.  I plan on using the short ragtime songs as transitions at various points in the album.

One of my favorite examples of using short instrumental tracks as transitions throughout an album is Josh Garrel’s “Jacaranda” album.  Notice how the song “Centipede” helps connect “Rabbit & the Bear” to “Zion & Babylon” by creating an expectant, anticipatory feeling propelling the listener forward.


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