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Song Recommendation 003—“Morning Light” by Jennie Wellsand


In the midst of taking final exams, I’ve found myself listening to “Morning Light” quite a bit. Jennie is a friend from college and now is a worship leader who spends time traveling around the Midwest to different churches and music festivals to share her musical talent with others. She is such a kind person, and a marvelous musician and songwriter.

Jennie Wellsand

Jennie Wellsand, from jenniewellsand.com

“Morning Light” evokes a pleasant, hopeful feel that puts the listener at ease. Subtle influences of folk and rock are carried through in voice and electric guitar and create an honest song about God’s abundant and gracious love. The song lyrics are beautifully poetic, yet simple and relate-able.

“My brokenness aside, I’m a darkened canvas–paint the stars tonight./And no matter how far I run, I can’t escape Your love./Your love is like the morning light, breaking through the deepest night. I hear Your voice calling out like the morning light.”

I love this song because of its message and hopeful, up-beat melody. Even in the midst of darkness and struggles, this song encourages and reminds me of God’s wonderful love for us all.

Visit Jennie Wellsand’s website here.


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4 thoughts on “Song Recommendation 003—“Morning Light” by Jennie Wellsand

  1. You both are very talented. Very nice

  2. The song was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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