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Song Recommendation 004—“King and Cross” by Ásgeir

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Pack your bags because today we are headed to Iceland. Rising Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir has been captivating me this week with his beautiful and soaring melodies, warm voice, and poetic lyrics.

*Photo Credit: Bryan Pocius, Creative Commons

*Photo Credit: Bryan Pocius, Creative Commons

I especially like “King and Cross,” which is the English translation of his best-selling Icelandic single “Leyndarmál,” and calls for a head bob and toe-tap from the listener. Beginning softly with warm acoustic guitar chords, the song slowly builds into a tight jazzy pop-synth groove as layers of smooth vocals carry the melody forward and electronic percussion set out a tight beat. Juxtaposed with the cool jazz-pop groove of the song is the song’s darker lyrical theme exploring the underlying tension between what things seem like on the surface and what emotions, stories, or secrets lurk underneath.

Go ahead, press play and travel off to Iceland for a few minutes today.   Enjoy!

Visit Ásgeir’s website here.

P.S. For a completely different experience, listen to him singing an Icelandic hymn in a flash choir mob at a train station here.



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