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Song Recommendation 005—“Silhouettes” by Colony House

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Put on your sunglasses, grab a Frisbee, and head out into the day. Colony House’s first full-length album “When I Was Younger,” which debuted this past July, is filled with catchy and thoughtful songs that I’ve been listening to all week. The three-man band is made up of brothers Caleb and Will Chapman, sons of famous Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman, and Scott Mills. Together they are crafting songs to inspire, heal, and move people.

*Photo Credit: Emery Way, Creative Commons

*Photo Credit: Emery Way, Creative Commons

I especially like “Silhouettes,” which is a lively pop-rock tune with an important message behind the tambourine shakes and melodic guitar riffs.

 “Are you half empty?
Why don’t you fill up?
There’s no sense in holding on to something broken.”

What are you waiting for? Get up, press play, dance, and enjoy!

Visit Colony House’s website here.


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