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Song Recommendation 005—“Silhouettes” by Colony House

Put on your sunglasses, grab a Frisbee, and head out into the day. Colony House’s first full-length album “When I Was Younger,” which debuted this past July, is filled with catchy and thoughtful songs that I’ve been listening to all week. The three-man band is made up of brothers Caleb and Will Chapman, sons of famous Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman, and Scott Mills. Together they are crafting songs to inspire, heal, and move people.

*Photo Credit: Emery Way, Creative Commons

*Photo Credit: Emery Way, Creative Commons

I especially like “Silhouettes,” which is a lively pop-rock tune with an important message behind the tambourine shakes and melodic guitar riffs.

 “Are you half empty?
Why don’t you fill up?
There’s no sense in holding on to something broken.”

What are you waiting for? Get up, press play, dance, and enjoy!

Visit Colony House’s website here.



Song Recommendation 003—“Morning Light” by Jennie Wellsand

In the midst of taking final exams, I’ve found myself listening to “Morning Light” quite a bit. Jennie is a friend from college and now is a worship leader who spends time traveling around the Midwest to different churches and music festivals to share her musical talent with others. She is such a kind person, and a marvelous musician and songwriter.

Jennie Wellsand

Jennie Wellsand, from jenniewellsand.com

“Morning Light” evokes a pleasant, hopeful feel that puts the listener at ease. Subtle influences of folk and rock are carried through in voice and electric guitar and create an honest song about God’s abundant and gracious love. The song lyrics are beautifully poetic, yet simple and relate-able.

“My brokenness aside, I’m a darkened canvas–paint the stars tonight./And no matter how far I run, I can’t escape Your love./Your love is like the morning light, breaking through the deepest night. I hear Your voice calling out like the morning light.”

I love this song because of its message and hopeful, up-beat melody. Even in the midst of darkness and struggles, this song encourages and reminds me of God’s wonderful love for us all.

Visit Jennie Wellsand’s website here.

Pour yourself a hot chocolate and press play.

Although I love listening to classic Christmas songs and carols sung by Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby, I thought I’d recommend some Christmas music you probably haven’t heard of.  Mindy Smith is one of my favorite folk artists because of her angelic, pure vocal tone and the rustic, homey atmosphere conjured by her music.  Her new song “Tomorrow is Christmas Day” features a unique combination of mandolin and sleigh bells, celebrating Christmas in a laidback, folksy way.  I especially love the melody of the refrain because Mindy’s voice glides around a wide range of pitches like a dancing fire ember or twirling, wind-tossed snowflake.

Visit Mindy Smith’s website here.

Do you have a favorite Christmas song or recommendation?

Every so often you come across a song that beckons you in and makes you want to hit repeat when it’s over.  This is one of those songs.  A hidden gem.

Matthew Barber’s song “Wasn’t Born to Leave You” evokes an authentic, homey-feel that is sure to draw you in.  Taking cues from country and folk, Barber’s guitar strumming and hushed voice come together to create a warm, lulling ballad reflecting on love and God.  The simple lyrics are honest and intimate, binding listener to song through the vulnerability of voice.  I love this song not only because of the cozy mood it conjures, but also because of the genuine words telling a story about a person’s life while at the same time employing a metaphor for larger questions of life.

Visit Matthew Barber’s website here.