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About Me

Who am I?  I’m a recent law school graduate and singer-songwriter.  I studied music in undergrad (piano is my primary instrument) and wrote several songs throughout law school to stay sane.  In 2012, I introduced myself to the music world after releasing my EP album, “Come Away With Me.”  (Listen to it here).  I don’t compose music to be famous.  I write for the joy of it and like to share my music with others.

What is this blog about?  I’ve created this blog to capture my experiences and thoughts as they surround music, art, and the creative process.  I post weekly about a variety of topics, including art and creativity, musical composition, lyric writing, performing, and happenings in the music industry.  To keep things fun, I throw in song recommendations every now and then.  Ultimately, I want to preserve all that I learn as a musician and artist on this blog, and hopefully it becomes a helpful resource and an encouragement for others.

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Here are some of my other internet hangouts: my music website, and my youtube channel.